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Cooking Classes in Austin TX

Understand the why behind the recipe so you can make any recipe better with substitutions, omissions, and additions!

  • Empowerment: Be the boss of your sauce! Don’t be intimidated, it’s just food. You can make it how you want.

  • Knowledge: Time and temperature. Acid, Heat, Sweet, and Salt. Understanding how all of these play a role in various recipies. 

  • Technique: Everything from knife skills to cooking equipment, and signs to look for to guide through steps in a recipe.

  • Exploration of flavors and concepts: Talking about different flavors and ingredients that they may or may not recognize and the role they play in certain dishes and flavor profiles. 

  • Safe place to fail: There are no bad questions. All questions are acceptable. Freedom to experiment. 

  • Accessible ingredients: Where you can get the ingredients, how you can substitutes, sourcing, farmers markets, different retailers. 

  • Basic meal prep and equipment use: 1 in 3. 1 recipe for 3 different meal ideas. How to double or triple your recipe amount, store it for later, and then add a fresh ingredient when you pull it out to serve it in the future. 

  • Root to stem: How you can use the whole plant.

  • Scientific culinary concepts: Because if you understand the science behind it, you will know how to make adjustments to improve the qualify of finished dishes. 

  • Creating a Dialogue: This isn’t a lecture, everything is presented with the intention of creating engagement with each guest.
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Live Cooking Classes

Cooking is an art, an experience, and a daily nutritional requirement. Whether you are a culinary novice, an experienced home cook, or an up-and-coming chef, I can tailor my classes to take you to the next level. This is about helping you develop greater comfort with the simple science behind delectable dishes. 

Delicious Meals

You Can Learn To Prepare

As a culinary educator, I look to provide unique cooking experiences for individuals/groups that are eager to improve & develop culinary skills. 

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Learn To Create Irresistible Dishes

Allow me to take you on a deep dive into the nuances of great cooking. My kitchen give you a safe place to fail with a recipe and I will show you how to end up making it better with substitutions, omissions, and additions.


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