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College Students

Are you a college-aged adult looking to learn how to cook one impressive meal that will wow your friends? Look no further than my live cooking classes and teaching kitchen located in the historic Zilker Park district. College-aged groups are especially great at grasping knife skills, meal prep, and being able to accomplish amazing one-pot meals. With my classes, you'll master a dish like flank steak with one pan and a chimichurri sauce that only requires four ingredients, a cutting board, and a knife. This mastery will spark creative energy, passion, and excitement for new culinary adventures.

More Than Your Next Great Meal

But my classes aren't just about learning to cook a great meal. I also offer instruction on nutritional value and how to modify culinary skills to meet the demands of a highly active lifestyle while remaining health-conscious. My classes are accessible and hands-on, with a safe environment to ask any type of question and learn about the latest trends, like keto or whole 360.

On-Location Demos Available for You And Your Friends

For those who can't make it to my teaching kitchen, I also offer on-location demonstrations at fraternity and sorority houses, where we can gather around the kitchen or grill to learn new skills together. In these classes, we'll explore regional cuisine and create memories that bond young adults through shared experiences. And if you're looking for a fun, freezer-friendly dish to make with a group of friends, my potstickers class is the perfect choice. Whether you're up studying late for finals or just need a hearty snack, potstickers are easy to make and share with others. Just be careful not to fool your mushroom-phobic friends like my daughter did with her late-night snackers!