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Busy Professionals

I often have busy professionals signing up for my classes for reasons aplenty - some are working remotely and their companies offer wellness benefits, which can be redeemed through my cooking classes, others just need to be able to whip up a great dish as soon as they get home. Additionally, through my classes they get to meet and network with other like-minded professionals, creating new friendships and expanding their professional circles. The comfortable environment of my teaching kitchen enables them to communicate, ask questions, and learn a variety of culinary skills while preparing a delicious meal.

What You Can Expect

Participants can expect to gain proficiency in knife skills, including the many different techniques of cutting, slicing, and dicing vegetables from local stores. They will also learn about flavor profiling, ingredient substitutions, cooking techniques, and the importance of seasoning, temperature, and time adjustment to achieve a great meal. As they understand the science behind each recipe, they will savor the joy of cooking and eating together, fostering new relationships and business connections.

Welcoming You To My Private Kitchen

For those who prefer to learn in my teaching kitchen, located in the historic Zilker Park district, I offer hands-on classes for small groups of up to six professionals. Here, they can learn about regional cuisines and create memories over shared culinary experiences. The burstiness of my classes will ensure they leave the class feeling motivated, energized, and confident in their culinary skills, ready to take on any recipe that comes their way.

Consider An Off-Site Cooking Demo

Off-site demonstrations for friends or company team members are also available. I will bring my expertise and equipment to their location, and facilitate a fun, interactive, and informative cooking session. Participants can learn how to prepare healthy meals that suit their individual tastes and lifestyles, while bonding with their friends or colleagues.